Many expats either cohabit or get married in Thailand when they retire. Getting the marriage registered is of great interest to many and seeking legal advice with regards to prenuptial agreements and registering the marriage is important. Speak to our attorneys with regards to the process.

If you are divorced you will need a copy of your divorce decree or if your spouse has passed away you would need a copy of the death certificate. This is important as you need to obtain a letter from your embassy to state that you are free to marry. This is called a letter of affirmation and it usually takes 24 hours to obtain this when you hand in the documents at the embassy. They will ask you for either the death certificate or divorce decree when you complete the forms at the embassy.

The following day they will hand you a letter to state that you are free to marry. This letter now needs to be confirmed by the Thai Government. The letter needs to be taken to the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs which will take another day to confirm that the letter of affirmation is authentic. They will stamp your letter of affirmation on the back as being verified.

Depending on what time you arrived at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok you would usually hand in the documents to the local Amphurs Office – District Office so that they may issue you with a marriage certificate. Most of the leg work is doing nothing but to state that you are able to get married. The marriage process at the District Office takes about 30 minutes to complete. They will then issue you with a marriage certificate while you wait.

Very few expats our foreigners wish to spend 3 days on running around Bangkok and Thailand for documents. Simply drop off all your documents at any of our offices in Thailand and we will do all the paperwork and running around for you. There is much better things to do that to waste you time with officialdom. Speak to any of our attorneys in Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui, Phuket, Hua Hin or Chiang Mai about getting your marriage registered.

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