Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand. The marriage can be legally ended in Thailand through the process of a divorce. There are a number of ways to end a marriage in Thailand, including administrative, contentious, and uncontested divorces. Different forms of divorce are likewise subject to different legal criteria.

Divorce without a dispute

An uncontested divorce can be obtained in Thailand if both spouses are prepared to appear before a judge to finalize the divorce. The amphur where the marriage was registered was traditionally the sole place where a divorce could be granted. But now this method is different. You can now obtain a divorce from a different amphur, but you'll still have to submit more paperwork. After that, the amphur will give you a Thai divorce certificate. This document may require translation and legalization to be valid in your nation if you are a foreigner. The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs may need to be notified of the divorce by non-Thai nationals in order for it to be acknowledged in their home countries.

Seek the advice of a Thai divorce attorney or an attorney in your home country if you and your spouse are not Thai nationals. This is due to the fact that the procedures for obtaining the necessary documents for a Thai divorce differ depending on the laws of your home country. Divorce processes in another nation may be an option for you if you meet specific criteria, but it depends on the specifics of your case.

The Divorce Cases

It is the responsibility of the Thai national spouse to submit the necessary paperwork for a contested divorce to the Amphur office in their district of residence in Thailand. If the wife is a Thai citizen, her name should be included in the divorce papers. The Thai wife is required to reclaim her maiden name and petition for divorce if the husband is not a Thai citizen. Following this, the Thai wife may be able to have the divorce proceedings dismissed.

It can be challenging to get and even more challenging to complete a contentious divorce in Thailand. But if they've been in Thailand for a while, couples can utilize it to end their marriage.

Legal Separation from Spouse

A few factors must be considered prior to filing for an administrative divorce in Thailand. Any wealth amassed by either spouse during the marriage is subject to equal division under Thai law. It is your responsibility as a foreign spouse to research whether or not the Supreme Court of Thailand has issued a ruling allowing your Thai wife the right to land in Thailand. If you are unable to locate the order, you have the option to seek it out from the court.

Any number of factors might lead one partner to seek an administrative divorce. A spouse may be harmed, for example, by an incurable ailment. Another possibility is that one partner is physically unable to live with the other in a marital setting.

Legal Separation

Getting to know the Thai divorce process beforehand could be helpful if you're thinking about getting a divorce there. Divorce is rare in Thailand, but if the spouses can't come to an agreement, it might drag on for a long time. When a couple can no longer live together, for example, a court may decide that a divorce is in their best interest. On the other hand, a common nationality or mutual consent might be enough to get a divorce.

In order to get a divorce decreed by a Thai court, you must fulfill several conditions. For instance, you'll have to pay court fees, which are usually 2% of the total claim, and you should have long-term residency in Thailand. Additionally, there is a court delivery fee that must be paid in order to cover the expense of having the summons sent to your spouse. Thai law has a number of requirements that must be satisfied in order for a divorce to be granted by the court. These include, but are not limited to, the following: committed adultery, endured significant hardship, committed adultery, provided maintenance to another person, or had excessive problem.

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