Marriage Registration in Thailand

If you are planning to get married in Thailand then it is important that you register the marriage at the local office (called an amphur). This step makes the marriage legally binding in the eyes of the Thai authorities.

To do this you will need an authenticated affirmation and translation. This will then have to be taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalization.

Documents Required

Affirmation of Freedom to Marry: This is an affidavit from your Embassy in Bangkok stating that you are free to marry under Thai law. This document must be translated by a reputable translator (see ads online or in the newspaper).

Copies of both parties’ passports (or pink ID cards) and the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry have to be taken to a local district office called an “Amphur” or "Khet" to be officially recorded. Both parties must give their consent to take each other as husband and wife in the presence of a registrar and in front of two witnesses.

After these documents are verified by the local registrar you will have to take them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or the office that verifies the signatures on your Affirmation documents) to be legally authenticated. This will require you to pay a fee and normally takes just a couple of days. Acclime can assist you with this process for a small additional fee.

Affirmation of Freedom to Marry

One of the main documents required for marriage registration in Thailand is an affirmation of freedom to marry. This is an affidavit which you can obtain from your Embassy in Bangkok. The affidavit is signed by an official at the Embassy and normally costs around 1,000 baht.

Once you have the affidavit you will need it translated into Thai by an approved translator. This is a very important step in the process and we would advise that you use an approved translation service. The translated document will then need to be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand.

The next steps are to take the affidavit together with all other required documentation to your local district office for registration. This will make your marriage legal in Thailand and internationally recognised. Once the marriage is registered in your home country you can then apply for a visa to live with your wife in Thailand.


A marriage is not only a declaration of love and a moment of happiness to share, it also creates legal binding effects and obligations both in Thailand and in the couple’s home country. It is important to ensure that you are able to comply with all the legal requirements before you proceed with your marriage registration.

Once you have all of the necessary documents, you can then bring them to your local District Office (known as a ‘amphur’ or a ‘khet’ in Thai) for registration. The District Officer will change the title used with the female’s forename and last name and she will be required to file for a new Identification Card.

The next step is to have your document #1 (affirmation of freedom to marry) and document #2 (translated into Thai) LEGALIZED at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. This will make them valid for use overseas. This can be done by yourself or you can engage the services of a law firm to handle this process for you.


After the embassy authenticates the affirmation and translation you can take these forms to any district office (also known as an amphur) in Thailand. It is recommended you allow four working days to complete this process while in Bangkok.

You will be required to present your passports and arrival card and complete declarations attesting that you are single and free to marry under Thai law. These are signed by a consular officer.

Then you will need to take the documents to a reputable translation service to have them translated into Thai (your embassy will not do this for you). Once they are ready you can then bring your verified documents to any district office to register your marriage. You will also need witnesses who are at least 18 years of age to sign the register. This is the last step in completing your marriage registration in Thailand.

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