Thailand Marriage Visa

If you are married to a Thai citizen then you can apply for a Marriage Visa in Thailand.  This initial visa is single entry which means that you are allowed to stay in Thailand for 3 months when you enter the Kingdom. It can also be extended.

When you are married to a Thai you can apply for a marriage visa which allows you to stay in Thailand for 90 days. Once this 90 days is completed you need to leave the country and apply for another visa. Some embassies will issue you with a multiple entry visa and this is valid for 1 year. It means however that you would need to leave Thailand on a visa run every 3 months to activate the next leg of the visa. The 12 month visa is divided into 4 parts. Each part or leg is valid for 90 days or 3 months. Before the 90 days is complete you leave Thailand on a 'Visa Run' and when you return the same day and re-enter Thailand the next leg of the visa is activated for another 90 days.

The other option if you plan on staying in Thailand long term is that you can apply for a 1 year extension at immigration if you can show the financial ability to support yourself for the year in Thailand. Speak to our attorneys about how this is done and what the current requirements are for a 1 year marriage visa in Thailand.

Remember that there is much paperwork to be completed for this 1 year extension, however should you apply for a work permit the visa will fall away and you would need to start the process again. Once again speak to us online on our main website via live chat or pick up the phone and call us tollfree in the UK or from the US.

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